Superstring Theory Ensemble

'Superstring Theory Ensemble' are an innovative jazz fusion group founded and led by guitarist Chris Wright. The initial band includes guitar (Chris Wright), piano (Bill Risby), bass (Leon Gaer), drums (Lewis Pragasam), saxophone/flute (Graham Jesse), vocals (Noel Macdonald) & string quartet (Anna Albert, Belinda Jezek, Shelley Soerensen & Sally Schinckel-Brown).

Featuring his original compositions, Wright conceptualized the project as an artistic outlet, with a long term vision to develop the ensemble into a unique musical and visual experience for the international arts/music festival circuit.

While heavily rooted in the long-standing jazz traditions of improvisation & exploration of form, the music is still melodic and reliant on strong, cohesive musical themes. The 'Superstring Theory Ensemble' sees a collaboration of world class musicians from all corners of the globe - the music reflecting this with a unique cross-cultural mix of eastern rhythms, heavy rock & European/American jazz.

Since its release, the EP has received frequent airplay on jazz radio including 2CCR FM 90.5, 2NSB 99.3FM & Eastside FM 89.7 (Australia). Internationally it has been featured on 'Evening Jazz' with Tracy Fields on WLRN Radio 91.3, Florida (USA).

'Superstring Theory - Element One' is the first release of what will be a four-part EP series, and is now available from the online store.

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"Superstring Theory proposes that all matter at its fundamental level is composed of vibrations, where the basic building blocks of our universe are not particles - but one-dimensional strings which resonate at different frequencies - just like the strings of a guitar."
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