"The Kemper Profiler is now the centre-piece of my rig. After chasing “that distortion sound” in stomp-boxes for years, I realized what I had been looking for was the sound of genuine amp breakup. The Kemper in my opinion is the first - and only - “amp simulator” that sounds, responds and feels like a real amp. And not just one amp - every boutique amp you’ve ever dreamed of owning. The tones are transparent, clean, and huge when needed. Now on the floor all I have is a custom pedalboard with the Kemper remote, a volume, wah & expression pedal.

My favourite electric guitars were built by Charles Cilia from 'Charles Cilia Custom Guitars Australia'. He's a great guy, an amazing luthier, and is fantastic with setups and repairs too. Do yourself a favour and check out his instruments!


Gibson ES-335 (Custom Shop)

Gibson Les Paul (Custom Shop)

Charles Cilia custom guitar (PRS type)

Charles Cilia custom guitar (Floyd-Rose type)

Charles Cilia custom baritone guitar

Levinson Blade RH-4 classic (Strat type)

Fender Telecaster (Tommy Emmanuel signature series)

1957 Chet Atkins Tennessean Gretsch

Maton 'Australia' series acoustic guitar

Garrison acoustic guitar

Fender acoustic guitar

Cort 12-String acoustic guitar

Aria nylon string acoustic guitar

Custom fretless nylon string acoustic guitar

Martinez dobro guitar


Electric Mandolin

Balinese Mandolin

Balinese Fretless Mandolin

Soprano Ukelele

Liu Qin (chinese lute)

4-string Tenor Banjo

5-string Banjo

6-string Banjo


T.C Electronic G-System

Bogner Uberschall overdrive pedal

Vahlbruch 'Sapphire Drive'

Vahlbruch 'Jewel Drive'

Rodenburg GAS-808 overdrive

T-Rex 'Twister' chorus/flanger

Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic Distortion

Dunlop Hi-Gain volume pedal x 2

Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q variable wah

T.C Electronic Nova reverb

BBE Sonic Maximiser

AC Booster (Exotic FX USA)

MI Audio 'Tube Zone' overdrive

MI Audio 'Blues Pro' overdrive

MI Audio 'Blue Boy Deluxe' overdrive

Electro-Harmonix 'Metal Muff' overdrive

Boss OD-3 overdrive

Boss DS-1 distortion

Tech 21 Sans-Amp

Peterson Strobe Tuner (stomp box)

Boss CH-1 chorus

Electro-Harmonix Analog Chorus/Flanger

Ibanez chorus

Voodoo Lab 'Microvibe' (Phaser)

Boss PH-3 phase shifter

Dunlop Stereo Tremelo

Boss NS-2 noise suppressor

Boss RV-5 digital reverb

Boss DD-20 digital delay

Boss CS-1 compression/sustainer

Boss GT-6 guitar effects processor


Eddie Van Halen 5150 III (100W head + Fender 2x12 Supersonic cab)

Ledford Custom Amplifier (100W head + 2x12 custom cabinet)

Fender Hotrod Deville (60W, 4 x 10 combo)

Kustom Sienna 65 acoustic amplifier

"I use Ernie Ball strings, 10 - 46 for electric & 12 - 54 for acoustic, which is pretty standard. My favourite guitar pick would be the Dunlop H3, which puts less distance between my fingers and the guitar. I found that my accuracy and tone improved dramatically when I started using them.

I keep my main effects rig in a portable flight-case because it's very quick to travel, and reduces the set-up time for gigs and sessions. I also have a secondary rig, which is mainly used as a back-up or for more permanent set-ups like when I'm doing a long run with a theatre show.

As a final thought, I think it helps to have good gear - but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter what you use or play through. Everybody has their own sound, identity and unique musicality. I believe that most of that comes from somewhere beyond music training. It's about the way you play your instrument, the life experiences you've had, and your growth artistically and as a human being."