Film & TV

A stylistically diverse composer and orchestrator for film & TV, Wright has been involved in a wide range of exciting projects recently.

Most recently, Wright scored director Matt Drummond's latest feature film 'My Pet Dinosaur', which released nationally in Hoyts and other Australian cinemas on April 22, 2017. It is now available on iTunes & DVD. 
The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for 'My Pet Dinosaur' was released on Australian iTunes on 20 August 2017, and reached number 20 on the soundtrack charts. Wright's music also features in the film trailer, which you can check out below. 

Wright also composed & orchestrated the score for Drummond's 2015 debut feature film 'Dinosaur Island'. 'Dinosaur Island' was released in over 50 countries worldwide, screened nationally in Hoyts & United cinemas, and is available on iTunes, DVD & Netflix.
Also sought after in the realm of commercials and corporates, Wright composed and orchestrated the national TV commercial for the Australian Museum's popular 'Tyrannosaurs' exhibition. His music also features in some of the digital exhibits themselves.
Collaborations with other film and TV composers:
  • Scored short film 'Monoliths' (2017) by director Dave Paterson, with composer Daniel Edmonds.
  • Composed theme for the FOX 'Speed Motorsports' channel, with composer/engineer Marty Irwin.
  • Composed themes for FOX Sports News (2010/2011), with composer/engineer Marty Irwin.
  • Scored the end credits for feature film 'The Navigator', by Australian director Eddie Arya and scored by composer Phillip Faddoul.

Production Music

Also contributing to the world of production music, Wright has composed for Drama Tracks Production Music LibrarySonic OZault Production Music Library, amassing a large body of work spanning 12 albums and hundreds of tracks. His adaptability has allowed him to compose across a wide range of genres including pop, rock, metal, lifestyle, world, alternative, acoustic, vocal & instrumental.

Current production music albums featuring Chris' work include:
  • 'Lifestyle Vol. 1'
  • 'Guitar Heroes Vol. 1'
  • 'Platinum Songs & Underscores Vol. 1'
  • 'Lifestyle Vol. 2 - Acoustic Moods'
  • 'Lifestyle Volume 3'
  • 'Guitar Heroes Vol. 4 - Razorcutz'
  • 'Lifestyle Vol. 4' 
  • 'Lifestyle Vol. 5 - World Guitars'

His music has been heard worldwide across film, radio, cinema & TV shows including 'Hawaii Five-O', 'Bull', 'Four Weddings - Season 2', 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', 'Australian Idol', 'Getaway', 'The Great Outdoors', 'A Current Affair', 'Sunrise', 'FOX AFL', 'V8 Extra' and 'Thank God You're Here'.

Anyone interested in using the music in a production can contact local distributors Beatbox Music for Australasia, or contact Sonic OZault directly for their agents in other territories across the world.

Some of Wright's production music tracks can be heard on the site-wide music player below.